About Truss Professional UK

A Division of KAMI CO.

Truss Professional UK proudly stands as a division of the KAMI CO., an organization
committed to revolutionizing the beauty sector by placing people at the center
of our mission. With a global presence extending across nine countries, Truss
Professional UK has firmly positioned itself as a premier brand, offering top-tier
hair products exclusively to the most prestigious hair salons worldwide.

Our unwavering
commitment to excellence and credibility precedes us wherever we operate. Our
products consistently deliver on their promises, providing remarkable results
right from the first application. This track record of efficacy has cultivated
immediate customer loyalty, establishing Truss Professional UK as a trusted
name in the professional hair care industry.


While Truss Professional UK may be considered a young brand by some, our accomplishments speak volumes. We've successfully built and consolidated 15 years of absolute success and credibility in the beauty industry, a testament
to our unwavering commitment to quality. In 2018, TRUSS made its grand entrance into the United Kingdom, marking the beginning of a thriving journey in both
the UK and European markets. Our presence in these regions has been marked by unparalleled success, and we continue to flourish as a beacon of quality and innovation. But our success isn't solely attributed to our products and team; it's rooted in a unique chemistry that defines Truss Professional worldwide.
This secret formula is the cornerstone of our undeniable success, recognized by
beauty professionals and enthusiasts alike

In alignment with our dedication to innovation and transformation, KAMI CO. has played a pivotal
role in reshaping the beauty sector in Brazil and around the world. Our holistic beauty system encompasses retail operations, services, and distribution logistics, fostering a fresh relationship between people and
beauty through constant learning and the introduction of groundbreaking products and services. At Truss Professional UK, we stand as a testament to the KAMI CO.’s commitment to
elevating the beauty industry. Join us on this transformative journey, where
innovation meets excellence, and where people always remain at the heart of everything we do.

Truss Uk - by Kami.Co