Which product line is best for me?

Click here and find a professional who can diagnose your hair and indicate the TRUSS products that best fit your needs.

Do I have to use all products from the same line?

It is recommended that you use the all products from the same line because they complement each other, optimizing results starting from the first application.

Will my hair get used to the treatment products and therefore be less effective?

No. TRUSS product’s formulas contain intelligent active ingredients that understand hair fiber needs and adapt over time, optimizing results with continuous use.

What is the difference in formulas when comparing Professional Line to Maintenance Line?

Professional and Maintenance line products contain a high concentration of active ingredients that cater accordingly to different needs.

Which product should I use for dandruff or an oily scalp?

Hair loss can occur due to numerous factors. To restore your scalp’s health, we recommend Therapy Shampoo as well as seeking medical advice.

Which product is best for an oily scalp?

We recommend Equilibrium Shampoo and Conditioner for oily scalps and dry ends, as well as seeking medical advice.  

Are TRUSS products safe to use on children?

While there is no evidence that states not to use on children, we recommend you consult with your child’s physician.

Which factors are responsible for damaging hair?

Bleaching, straightening, relaxers, blow-dryers, flat irons, weather, etc. We recommend you treat and protect your hair at all times by using TRUSS maintenance line products, and in-salon treatments with our professional line performed by a professional hair stylist.

Where can I find TRUSS products?

TRUSS can be found in the best salons around the world. Go to Where To Find to find TRUSS products near you.

How do I know which TRUSS product is best for me?

Go to Ideal Product For You, or contact a TRUSS Professional near you at Where To Find?.

Does TRUSS have straightening products?

Yes. To find out more about our straightening products visit your nearest salon.

I am a professional hair dresser and am interested in working with TRUSS.

Go to Contact Us and our team will provide you with a TRUSS Distributor responsible for the region you are located in.

Are TRUSS products safe to use on pregnant women?

Pregnant women should consult with their physician and discuss the ingredients in TRUSS formulas prior to using TRUSS products.