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Blanc Blond Truss 500g

Blanc Blond Truss 500g

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Blanc Blond Truss 500g


The Truss Blanc Blond Lightening Powder is suitable for all bleaching techniques, highlights, reflections, pickling, highlights and balayages. Dust-Free formula (dust-free), which prevents dust inhalation by not dispersing residues during mixing.

How to use:

Blanc Blond (70g) + Hydrogen Peroxide (180g): the action time and choice of volume of Hydrogen Peroxide (10, 20, 30 or 40vol.) must be made by the professional, taking into account the desired result. Mix until you get a homogeneous cream in a non-metallic container. Apply to clean, dry hair using a brush. Wear suitable gloves.


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Present in the most demanding Beauty Salons, Truss is conquering more and more space and prominence in the beauty market every day due to the quality offered by its products that fulfill what they promise and present perceptible hair recovery from the first application.