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Equilibrium Shampoo Truss 300ml

Equilibrium Shampoo Truss 300ml

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Shampoo Equilibrium Truss 300ml

Shampoo suitable for mixed to oily hair. Truss Equilibrium acts on the scalp to regulate excess oiliness at the root.


How to use:

Apply Truss Equilibrium shampoo to damp hair, massaging gently. Then rinse thoroughly. If you prefer a deeper cleaning, repeat the entire process.



Clean hair, with controlled oiliness, smooth, soft and full of life.


Recommended for oily scalp and dry ends. Controls and balances excess oils and dryness.


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Present in the most demanding Beauty Salons, Truss is conquering more and more space and prominence in the beauty market every day due to the quality offered by its products that fulfill what they promise and present perceptible hair recovery from the first application.