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Kit Blond Shampoo 300ml, Conditioner 300ml, Mask 180g Truss

Kit Blond Shampoo 300ml, Conditioner 300ml, Mask 180g Truss

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Kit Blond Shampoo 300ml, Conditioner 300ml, Mask 180g Truss


The Truss Blond Kit is a set of hair care products specially formulated to meet the needs of blonde, bleached or highlighted hair. This set includes three essential products:

Blond Shampoo 300ml: This mild and effective shampoo is designed to gently cleanse the hair, removing impurities, product residue and oiliness, without compromising the health of blonde hair. Its formula is enriched with ingredients that help maintain the vibrant color and natural shine of the hair, while strengthening and protecting the strands.

Blond Conditioner 300ml: The Blond Conditioner is the perfect partner for shampoo, as it offers deep hydration and restoration to blonde hair. With nourishing ingredients, it detangles the hair, making it more manageable and easier to comb. In addition, it helps prevent dryness and breakage, keeping blonde hair soft, silky and healthy-looking.

Blond Mask 180g: The Blond mask is an intensive treatment that revitalizes and strengthens blonde hair. Its formula is rich in ingredients that help repair damage caused by discoloration and chemical processes, providing deep hydration and nutrition to the hair. This mask also helps to keep hair color longer-lasting and radiant.

Truss Blond Kit is the ideal choice for anyone looking to maintain the beauty and health of blonde hair, leaving it with a stunning and well-groomed appearance. With these products, you can enjoy blonde hair that shines brightly and remains protected from environmental and chemical damage.


This kit contains:

1 Blond Shampoo 300ml

1 Blond Conditioner 300ml

1 Blond Mask 300ml



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Present in the most demanding Beauty Salons, Truss is conquering more and more space and prominence in the beauty market every day due to the quality offered by its products that fulfill what they promise and present perceptible hair recovery from the first application.